Create The Income You Need To Enjoy Your Retirement

Over 35 years in the business has given CINUP valuable market experience and a competitive edge. CINUP has targeted the special income tax requirements of status employees whose income is earned in a tax exempt environment. We also remove the burden of completing various government reporting and paperwork requirements at no cost. It’s your money and your benefits-that’s why at CINUP you’re always in control.

Since CINUP strives to provide the most cost effective plans possible, all services listed above are provided to employers at NO COST. It’s our way of ensuring red tape and formalities don’t hold up your plan.

We strive to provide prompt and accurate reporting to keep your organization running smoothly – it’s our way of helping keep your life simple and stress free.


Our job at CINUP is to provide valuable Aboriginal clients like you with the quality service and professional support you deserve. From preparing paperwork to organizing staff orientations and membership transactions, CINUP’s fee-free service is part of the package. Your organization will benefit from never having to paying for:

  • Enrollments, terminations & transfers
  • Required plan document amendments
  • Retirement quotes
  • Semi-annual employer statements
  • Access to alternate investment vehicles
  • CAP guideline maintenance


As a CINUP member, help is always close at hand. Ensuring our clients receive the best service and support, we offer our knowledge and expertise to help you navigate through the necessary procedures in the following areas:

Annual Information Returns (AIR’s) 

CINUP’s pension partners will prepare AIR’s for your approval and submission to the regulatory bodies.

Plan Amendments

CINUP will complete all required plan amendments.

Pension Regulator Requirements

CINUP will work with you to ensure your plan continues to meet legislation requirements.

Let’s see what CINUP can do for you